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By Senzeal | 07 December 2023 | 0 Comments

What is the personality of the Amazon parrot?

Orange-winged Amazon parrots are considered small parrots within all parrot species.

It has a body length of about 30 cm and weighs 280-460 grams.

This parrot is very intelligent and is a very interesting parrot with the disadvantage of being particularly stubborn and playful. It's not quite perfect, but it can't stop people from liking this bird, especially abroad. So what is so fascinating about it?

Head Features:
The head features of this bird are quite distinctive, with few feathers on the greenish grey face, orange feathers on both cheeks, and a small patch of short orange feathers on the top of the head. From a distance, these 3 patches of orange colour are very obvious, like a little girl with an orange scarf and a green dress, easily distinguishable from other parrots.

This parrot's feathers are basically emerald green from the head down. If they stand in the bushes, their green colour can blend in with the leaves, and if the tree has yellow flowers, it is very difficult for us to observe them with the naked eye unless they move.

The Orange-winged Amazon parrot has a yellow feather on each of its two wings, which is not found in other species of parrots, and this is what makes it unique, hence the name given to it - the Orange-winged Amazon parrot.

The yellow feathers on their wings are not only for looks, but the colour also serves as a warning and a summons.

When some parrots discover natural enemies, they will take off and flap their two wings up and down. The two yellow patches bouncing up and down are very conspicuous, calling the other parrots to take off quickly to escape the danger.

In the morning, they will go out together to search for food, and they like to chirp as they fly. A bustling group flies towards the distance, and in the evening, they gather and chirp back to their habitat in the sunset. As long as it's not dark, they can keep chirping on the tree, very lively, like a parrot meeting.

They are particularly fond of all kinds of fruits and seeds, and eat quietly and intently, as if they were afraid of being discovered by their natural enemies.

Orange-winged Amazon parrots are very intelligent, keen learners and particularly playful. They like to roll around on the ground, with their feet in the air, and chirp happy noises from their beaks, presumably their laughter. And they like to interact with humans and are very energetic and entertaining, which is probably why humans like this parrot.

It is only when they play that humans can better understand the temperament of this bird, and you will find that this parrot cannot be kept alone, mainly because they are very dependent on the group and the mortality rate of individual parrots left alone is very high.

This parrot is very stubborn and if you are trying to teach it to talk, it won't work until you have established absolute trust with it.


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