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By Senzeal | 28 January 2021 | 0 Comments

What are the Common Rock Decorations of Aquarium?

What are the Common Rock Decorations of Aquarium?

Aquarium rock decoration is an essential material to decorate fish tanks, and some of the most popular landscaping styles now are like Japanese ADA style and South American style, which are inseparable from the involvement of aquarium rock decorations. Here are some common aquarium rock decorations in fish tanks.

I. Pebble

Pebbles are rocks formed in the riverbed by years of flowing water, which have a very smooth surface with round shapes and different sizes. The colors are also different, such as red, purple, black, yellow, gray, etc. Some are also with distinctive patterns. At the same time, most of the pebbles are neutral and will not affect water quality.

II. Wood fossil

Wood fossil is also known as tree fossil and silica fossil. Wood fossil itself is a tree, which is formed by crustal movement and volcanic eruption. The main colors are gray, brown, tan, and black. Wood fossils look likes a tree in outline, and there are even clear rings in the fault, which can not be replaced by other rocks. It belongs to more precious stones in the aquarium landscape.

III. Chopping stone

Its color is usually bluish-gray or black-gray, and it can be placed into undulating peaks, which looks magnificent. These rocks are generally suitable for large aquariums.

IV. Coral

Some aquariums also choose corals as decorations to simulate the underwater world. There are many kinds of corals with different shapes. If there are some ornamental fish like weak alkaline water in the aquarium, such as peacock or snapper, then coral is the best choice, because coral has certain alkalinity.

V. Pine bark stone

Pine bark stone is also a common aquarium rock decoration. The pine bark stone in the natural state has many holes on the surface, which will hide a lot of mud. Therefore, the cleaning of the pine bark stone has always been a difficult problem. It is recommended that you soak the stone in the bucket for one day, then take it to the car shop and rinse it with a high-pressure water gun. But do not wash too fiercely, because pine skin stone epidermis is easy to fall off originally. With slightly acidic, the pine bark stone has little effect on water quality in fish tanks and has a slight effect on hardening water quality (but it is small enough to be ignored).

VI. Qinglong stone

Like the pine bark stone, the Qinglong stone is a regular resident to fish tanks. In recent years, its appearance rate in the international aquatic landscape competition is quite high. The main reason is that the surface of Qinglong stone is weathered on the top of the mountain, and the fracture forms irregular patterns with a stream flowing over and water grinding. The landscape made by Qinglong stone is more natural, and the essence of the grass tank landscape is to imitate nature. Qinglong stone is actually a general term for a type of stone whose surface has the form of weathering. Taihu stone is also a kind of Qinglong stone, and its shape characteristic is water ground with multiple holes.


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