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By Senzeal | 30 November 2023 | 0 Comments

Top 10 most clingy parrots (Part 1)

There are many types of pets that can be housebroken, and pet birds are a very popular category. Pet birds have different personalities. Some birds are more docile, some like to fight, others are relatively enthusiastic, and some are even more intelligent and very linguistically gifted. If you happen to be looking to choose a pet bird, perhaps the following breeds would be good choices.

1. Cockatiel

Parrots have colorful plumage. And some species are very intelligent. They can be professionally trained to talk as well as entertain. Parrots also attach importance to feelings which you can easily develop a deep bond with them. If you are looking for a enthusiastic, interactive and pretty pet bird, you can consider the parrot species.

Parrots are a large family species. One of them, the Cockatiel, which belongs to the ''Cockatoo family'', is a popular species of pet bird. Native to Australia, this bird has beautiful plumage and can live up to 20 years. With an average height of about 12 inches, it is the smallest of the cockatoos in terms of height. In the wild, the cockatiel has gray body feathers, yellow face and crown feathers, and an orange blush on its face.

If raised as a young bird, the cockatiel will become very affectionate and can be a great family member. Although it is not a good learning to speak, it can imitate common sounds such as doorbells and telephones, and it can whistle. The cockatiel has an easy-going personality, loves to be petted, and its plumage are easy to care for. He will be happy to fly out of his cage and play with people or be provided with toys such as a mirror.

2. Budgerigar

The budgie is one of the most popular pet birds. This breed can live for 10 to 15 years. It is relatively small (about 6 inches), easy to care for, and get close to people and easy to tame. If raised as a baby and trained properly, it can have many interesting skills such as learning human speech, whistling and chirping.

This breed of parrot is more active. If you have a large cage where he can have toys, sleep, eat and fly, you will see his fun nature unfold. But even with a comfortable cage, i f you want to make your pet bird happier, you will still need to put it in an area outside of its cage every day and interact with it.

3. Cockatoo

If you want to breed a large, clingy parrot, a parrot that is about 18 inches tall is a good choice.  There are currently 21 species of cockatoos in the world, with an average lifespan of about 30 to 70 years (depending on the species).  This species of parrot is known for its high intelligence and playful personality.  If you've ever seen videos shared by breeders, when the music plays, the cockatoos will unfurl their crown feathers and dance randomly, and some may even go rummaging around to play with cats and dogs.

Cockatoos are suitable for experienced breeders. Because this bird loves to play, it takes a lot of time for the breeder to keep it company and provide it with bird toys. If it lacks companionship, it feels lonely and may engage in destructive behavior. In addition, it has a hard beak and a strong bite force, so the cage it is kept in needs to be strong.

4. Hyacinth Macaw

This type of parrot is native to central and eastern South America. It is about 40 inches long and has spread wings up to 4 feet long. It is the largest parrot. Its large size and sharp, hooked beak make it look scary. But in fact it is very gentle temperament, coupled with a striking cobalt blue feathers, often referred to as the "gentle big bird". Hyacinth Macaw is easy to train and can bond with the breeder. However, due to its large size and the need for sufficient activity space, it is also the most difficult type to take care of, so it is more suitable for owners with certain feeding conditions.

5. Lovebird

Lovebirds, also known as couple parrots, are birds that prefer to live in groups.

This breed of parrot has a short history in captivity, but is the most common pet parrot and can live up to 20 to 30 years.  Because they like to live with their partners and are very single-minded, they are called love birds.  Many owners will choose to breed love birds in pairs because of this nature.

The birds are intelligent and can be trained to play games and imitate human sounds, and in some cases to learn to speak.  At about 5 inches long, it is the smallest known parrot and is suitable for small Spaces.


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