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By Senzeal | 14 September 2020 | 0 Comments

In What Situations Can We Use Aquarium UV Light Sterilizer?

In What Situations Can We Use Aquarium UV Light Sterilizer?

Aquarium UV light sterilizer is common sterilizing equipment in the fish tank, which can quickly kill pathogens and improve water quality. Aquarium UV light sterilizer should be used reasonably and cautiously to play its advantages while avoiding unnecessary accidental injury. Aquarium UV light sterilizer can be used in the following situations:

1. The bacterial explosion happened in the fish tank
Generally, the manifestation of the bacterial explosion is the water changing from clear to turbid in a short time. After the explosion of bacteria in the fish tank, the aquarium UV light sterilizer can be used to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and kill it. In this case, you can change part of the water, turn on the aquarium UV light sterilizer for 2 hours, and add some nitrobacteria after turning off.

2.Green water
Green water is mainly caused by too much Chlorella in the water. In fact, green water has no harm to ornamental fish, however, it will greatly affect its ornamental value and beauty. In this case, the aquarium UV sterilizer has the best effect to inhibit the propagation of Chlorella and kill it. Chlorella is particularly active during the daytime, but at night its various functions will be dormant. At this time, using the aquarium UV light sterilizer will achieve twice the result with half the effort. Using it every night for several days, the green water will be obviously improved.
By the way, please do not use sterilizer in the new fish tank for safety.   

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