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By Senzeal | 24 July 2020 | 0 Comments

Can plastic water plants be placed in the fish tank?

Can plastic water plants be placed in the fish tank?
The question of whether plastic aquatic plants can be placed in a fish tank depends on the material of the plastic aquatic plants and the type of fish, it cannot be generalized.

When some novices post their newly-arranged fish tanks on the forum, those people who have a lot of experience will severely warn them to take out the fake water plants in the fish tank, which is poisonous. In fact, they may not know that when the fish was first introduced into the Western aquarium, the fake aquatic plants were used to decorate the fish tank.
The cultivation of fish in an aquarium was first invented by western naturalists to study fish, and the first was the marine fish. Later, Germany began to raise freshwater fish in fish tanks. Later there was a commercial display of ornamental fish. Because people didn’t have much aquatic technology and equipment at the time, the real aquatic plants survived in the fish tank for a short time, and the fish without the aquatic plants did not look so beautiful and mysterious. People quickly lost their interest in the fish exhibition. In order to improve this situation, fake aquatic plants were placed in the fish tanks. Over the past 100 years, the production technology and materials of fake aquatic plants have made great progress. The plastic fake aquatic plants arranged in the fish tank look like real ones, people can't tell whether they are real or fake aquatic plants.
Apart from the cultivation of ornamental fish, there are also many plastic simulation plants used in the rainforest tanks for breeding chameleons. Of course, the price of this kind of fake water grass with a high degree of simulation is very high.
Therefore, high-end fake aquatic plants are not harmful to fish, and the degree of simulation is the same as that of real aquatic plants, which does not affect the viewing effect at all. It can't be the same as the fake plastic water plants that are generally sold in the aquarium market.

As for the common plastic aquatic plants in the aquarium market, if you just keep some very skinny small fishes like peacocks, red swords, and Mary fish, it is okay to put some plastic fake aquatic plants in the fish tank to embellish them. A little bit of toxin released by these plastic aquatic plants in the water can't hurt these skinny small fishes (Cheap fake water plants which can easily scratch the fish body can’t be put in the fish tanks where the water-sensitive fish like colorful angelfish live). But when buying these plastic water plants, be careful that the edges of the plastic water plants should not be too hard and sharp to avoid scratching the fish body. But if you are breeding goldfish, do not put fake water plants in the fish tank, because goldfish is artificially cultivated species, they are thick and fat, and they are not good at swimming, so they are easily scratched by plastic water plants.


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