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By Senzeal | 28 July 2020 | 0 Comments

The Algae removal tool in grass tank

The Algae removal tool in grass tank

I believe everyone must have encountered various algae in the fish tank when playing with the grass tank, and sometimes they were too lazy to brush it.

Many people put some algae-removing creatures in the first place, so all kinds of snails have become a kind of algae-removing tools commonly used by everyone. Ornamental snails are divided into freshwater snails and soda snails, which are often can be seen in the fish tank.

When you put it in with joy for the first time, it will not take long for more troublesome things to happen, that is, burst tank, it will grow more and more until it finally fills up the entire fish tank. So today I will introduce several ornamental snails that are beautiful in shape and easy to raise, with strong algae removal ability and will not breed too much.
First, let’s introduce soda snails.

The first type: zebra snail, which has yellow and black stripes on its shell. It is a common species in aquariums. Their algae removal ability is not bad. At the same time, they will not eat aquatic plants. Living in soft water for a long time can cause shell melting, so hard water is more suitable for them.

The second type: chocolate snail, whose shell is brown, there will be black spots on the shell, is also a frequent visitor to the aquarium, its algae removal ability is similar to zebra snail, it also does not nibble aquatic plants, the water temperature and water quality needed are the same as the zebra snail.

The third kind: bee horn snail, the shell of the bee horn snail also has black and yellow stripes, plus the convex horns on the shell, so it is called the bee horn snail, but the appearance of some individuals will have some differences. Some have no color, no stripes or no corners, and the suitable water quality and temperature are the same as the first two. It belongs to the small snail type, so it is very suitable as an algae removal tool for small fish tanks.
The above are common soda snails. Next, let’s talk about several kinds of freshwater snails.
The first type: Apple snail, its popularity is the highest, the algae removal ability is also very good, the biggest problem is its reproductive ability, it is very easy to burst the tank, but it is still very good for cleaning the fish tank.

The second type: rabbit snail, which is derived from Sulawesi Lake in Indonesia. Its suitable temperature is around 26℃, suitable for weak alkaline water quality.

It is different from other snails. The biggest difference is that it is viviparous, and its algae removal ability is also good. However, although it generally does not chew aquatic plants, if the aquatic plants have new buds, they will eat occasionally.

The third kind: the big claw snail, commonly known as the lawnmower, the origin of this name is that it is very willing to eat water grass.

The above is the introduction to some ornamental snails. The soda snails will also lay eggs, but they cannot be incubated in freshwater.


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