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All the Ornaments Needed for Aquarium Landscaping.

All the Ornaments Needed for Aquarium Landscaping.

Basically, every family will place an aquarium at home, which can make the home vivid, decorate the house, and cultivate the taste. The aquarium can be either big or small, and a big aquarium can contain more objects. Do you know how to decorate the aquarium to make it more beautiful?

With the popularity of tropical fish and aquatic plants, aquarium landscaping has evolved from simple aquatic decoration to an art project today, which is also known as “the art behind the glass”. Aquarium landscaping competitions are held in many regions of the world every year.

Domestic aquariums are not big, and they can be landscaped simply. The common fish tank ornaments are as follows:

1. There are many kinds of bottom bed materials, and the common ones are: ordinary river sand, cobblestones, aquarium soil, Ceramsite, etc. The best material for aquarium landscaping is aquarium soil, which contains the nutrient elements needed for the growth of aquatic plants and is suitable for the growth of aquatic plants. The application of aquarium soil for landscaping and growing aquatic plants can eliminate many problems, but the service life of it is quite short. Generally, the soil needs to be replaced for 1-2 years. The mixture of fairy soil and Ceramsite can be applied to set the bottom bed, but it requires more patient management and a balance between the algal explosion and fertilizer shortage with constant exploration and summary of experience.

2. Driftwood is usually made of rhododendron roots and Brazilian roots. Some of the driftwood float on the water without sinking at the beginning, so it needs to be tied up with a few stones when entering the aquarium. After a period of time, it will sink. Rhododendron roots and Brazilian roots have more branches, and you can choose the right one according to the landscaping needs.

3. There are various kinds of stones. They are mainly senryu-Seki stone, stalagmite, pellet and cobblestones. Each stone has a different shape, advantages, and disadvantages. Each kind of stone is suitable for a certain type of landscape and application scope. Stones of different sizes and shapes can be placed in different places to create landscapes such as peaks, canyons, and cliffs.

4. Aquatic plants are essential to give your aquarium a sense of reality. Hornwort, eelgrass, Hydrilla verticillata, buttercups, false loosestrife, or even artificial aquatic plants can be used to decorate the aquarium.

Nowadays, people have greatly improved the landscaping conditions of aquariums. They put different types, colors, and shapes of aquatic plants, stones, and heavy wood in different positions to form different styles.

Guangzhou Senzeal Trading Co., Ltd. can provide professional aquarium decorations for you, and you can choose the right ornaments according to your own preferences, so as to create a unique aquarium and add enjoyment to your life.


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