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Fishkeeper Gallery

   -Each review has a personal story

"Works perfectly"  ---Reviewed by Julia


"Der CO2 Tester kommt in einer sehr hochwertigen Verpackung an. Das Teil ist aus Glas und wird an einen weißen Kunststoffsaugnapf an der Scheibe fixiert. Ich habe das Teil relativ weit unten angebracht, da meine Pflanzen kleiner sind und mich der CO2 Gehalt auf Höhe der Pflanzen und nicht an der Wasseroberfläche interessiert. Das Ding sieht total süß aus im Aquarium und funktioniert super. Ich werde auf alle Fälle noch so einen Teil kaufen, wenn ich mir ein zweites Aquarium zulegen. (Tolles Produkt)." ---Reviewed by T. Wiese


"Good quality product, recommend."  ---Reviewed by Fialoror


"Fits the intake set with minimal modifications.
I got this device to protect my shrimp. I have this intake set, so I used the Dremel to cut the upper end of it. After that, I got a nice snug fit.
As you can see it looks great, time will tell it's durability." ---Reviewed by Cristian


"great for curved glass aquariums, awesome stuff!" ---Reviewed by Buttes


"Great."  ---Reviewed by Mike An


"The goods came quickly in integrity. Works normally" ---Reviewed by Florile


I got these for my Erios plants when transplanting into my tank and I could easily fit 3-5 baby plants. Looking back I would only put one and let it grow out in this cup pot. I can see the extensive root system and it just looks amazing!!!" ---Reviewed by Martin De La Plum


"классная кормушка. достаточно большая. шла долго в районе 2,5 месяцев до Питера."  ---Reviewed by Tewanda


"Light penetration. I used this aquarium light for a 10-gallon aquascape tank that houses my betta and my shrimp. I have bought a Senzeal light for my 20L and this light would easily beat it (if you had 2) The price is what really sold me. I know you aquarist at home is searching every forum, website, YouTube video, etc. Look no further, this light will do a great job keeping medium to low light plants with a breeze." ---Reviewed by Trevor S.


"as described. It works great."  ---Reviewed by Slang93


"Der Aquarium Reiniger macht was er soll. Die Länge ist sehr passend für gängige Aquarien (sollte jetzt kein Schwimmbecken sein ;) ). Wie man sich schon anhand der Bilder denken kann, besteht der Reiniger aus Kunststoff. Hier braucht man aber auch kein Metall oder so, solange man keine Haie im Aquarium hat xD. Die Funktionsweise ist sehr simpel durch den Druckbereich am Schlauch. So ist das wirklich um einiges einfach. Passt alles. Gerne wieder."  ---Reviewed by Christoph O.


"It's a little expensive for just one piece of decor but I'm giving it 5 stars because it makes a wonderful addition to my tank! It's beautiful and looks great next to the rest of my decor and looks AMAZING in the blue LED light! If I had the room I'd have a whole aquarium full of these! "   ---Reviewed by Baymuse


"Nice product ... the glass quality is good"  ---Reviewed by Bapi Reddy Manda


"Very nice." ---Reviewed by MKira


"всем привет! дополню отзыв! до установки СО2 системы замочила распылитель на 2 дня в акве(просто повесила его). сегодня запустила систему СО2: пылит пока большими пузырями. попозже еще дополню отзыв,когда будет пылить мельче(если будет."   ---Reviewed by Amber


"Breeder box arrived just in time! I put three pregnant females in the box immediately. They seemed scared at first but calmed down after about 30 minutes. Two days later and we have about 20 babies swimming in the bottom part of the box. It actually works! Looking forward to having more babies now that we don't have to worry about them being eaten."  ---Reviewed by Kaeltris


"Very good quality" ---Reviewed by Alice


"It came quickly. Good quality." ---Reviewed by Olevia


"Great guppies nursery. Great nursery for our newborn's guppies. It’s a little smaller than I thought but fits ok in 5 gallons tank. I think it's small for a female to give birth there. The holes on the bottom are bigger and one-day-old guppies fry can escape easily, but with a little bit of the ground, stones went a great safe baby nursery." ---Reviewed by Yordanka


"i like it! Everything is super! Take it and do not be afraid. Everything really and quickly rises."  ---Reviewed by Joey


"It was for 2 months. And so everything is fine." ---Reviewed by Kelly

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